Newlywed Sneha narrowly escapes from drowning

Newlywed Sneha had a close encounter with death, as she narrowly escaped from drowning. The actress, who returned to the shoots recently for her forthcoming Tamil movie Haridas, was filming her movie at Dhanushkodi, the Eastern coast of Tamil Nadu.

The actress was filming a song with her co-star Kishore at the southern tip of the Rameswaram island, when giant wave hit their boat and overturned it. However, before the situation turned out of control, Sneha was sent to the shores through a lifeboat, but cinematographer Rathnavelu and a few others jumped into the sea and started swimming before the local fishermen came to their rescue

Luckily, the Haridas unit had an amazing  escape and reached the shores safely. It is said that the sudden development shocked Sneha and it took some time for her to recover. Meanwhile, the film unit is planning to kick-start its next schedule in Pondicherry from tomorrow.


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