Arya and Anushka get naughty on sets!

The Director is busy shooting for Irandaam Ulagam in Georgia with Arya and Anushka. And it looks like Selvaraghavan is impressed with his hero and heroine. He took to the social networking site to state that both the actors were extremely talented, motivated and full of energy.

For his movie, both Arya and Anushka need to know martial arts and apparently they both have their own trainers and are learning the art.

Meanwhile, the unit seems to be having fun in Georgia. Selva said that they were shooting in a river and both Arya and Anushka were in it. And they didn’t want to be the only ones drenched in the water. They apparently dragged the whole unit in and the team had a blast.

Irandaam Ulagam had a tricky start but now seems to be right on track. It was started four times before this and every time had the lead actors walking out. Let’s hope this time round, the movie proves lucky for Arya, Anushka and Selva.

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