Dhanush - Sarkunam - Amala pal Joined next film

Dhanush - Sarkunam - Amalapal the trio is joined to the film. The name ' Sotta Valakutti. The movie Produced  by katirecan.He already Produced 'Adukalam', 'Pollathavan' is the production of films produced film before there is a similarity between these three.  Do you know what? 'Come on give the surrogate' s role in the film, able to enforce the contract because of Bill. But on the whole series of dates Sarkunam ask, if the enforcement of its heroine, played for the moment not able to say that. If I could then connect on his next film as director carkunam amalavirku promised. "Dhanush - implement the synapse 3." This is the first of 3 ads for the film. News of the day after the 3 starred in the film. Amala Paul carkunam Currently, the only opportunity to have both won too.

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