STR Movie - Thotti Jaya Movie Full Length Video

Jayachandran (Simbhu) is an orphan and nick named 'Thotti Jaya' by the locals. He grows to be a rowdy man and spreads terror on the streets. Seena Thana (Pradeep Rawat), a mob boss notices Jaya's qualities as a rowdy, makes him his right hand henchman. In a scuffle, Jaya gets entangled in a political and police trap. He escapes to Calcutta and goes into hiding. Brinda (Gopika) is a college girl who comes to Calcutta on a tour along with her friends. Jaya accidentally meets Brinda and helps her escape from a gang. Brinda starts admiring Jaya's good nature and gradually falls in love with him. Jaya reciprocates her love, and both decide to enter into wedlock. Their happy love story comes to a grinding halt when Brinda's father is revealed to be Seena Thana. Seena Thana summons his rowdy gangs and plots to kill Thotti Jaya. Will Jaya escape his fate? Will his love succeed amidst all the violence?.


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