Surya Movie - Kaaka Kaaka Movie Full Length Video

Anbuselvan (Surya) and three of his colleagues are young and honest police officers, engaged in fighting organized crime syndicate in Chennai. A no-nonsense toughie, Anbuselvan is completely devoted to his job and cares little about his personal life. He, however, begins to change a bit after falling in love with a school teacher, Maya (Jyothika). Their romance soon culminates in marriage. Meanwhile, on the job front, Anbuselvan and his colleagues are able to crack down on Pandiyan, a dreaded criminal and manage to eliminate Pandiyan's brother. However, the other members of Pandiyan's outfit manage to escape. In a bid to avenge the killing of one their own, the gangsters bring the battle into the policemen's homes. Ultimately, Anbuselvan has to fight an all-out war with the criminals in order to save Maya.


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