Mahat-Manchu Manoj fight ends in peace

Mahat Raghavendra and Manchu Manoj's controversial episode has ended in peace. Both the actors have sorted out the differences and have resolved the issue.

In a press release, Mahat Raghavendra claimed, "I wish to inform all the press and friends that the misunderstanding that had happened between me and Mr Manoj Manchu has been solved amicably. Mr Manoj Manchu and we go long back in time as good friends. I am glad that the issue has been resolved and we continue to be good friends. I would like to thank the press for their extended support; it means a lot!"

On the other end, Manchu Manoj has dropped the curtains to the episode by stating that he was hurt to hear about their alleged rift and assured that they would remain as good friends. However, it is surprising to note Mahat's earlier press release which had alleged Manchu of threatening to kill him for which the former had filed a complaint.

The controversy broke out on July 7. It was reported that Manchu Manoj reportedly got into a brawl with budding Tamil actor Mahat Raghavendra and assaulted him. The bone of contention was Tapasee Pannu, who earlier shared good vibes with Mahat before dating Manchu.


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